Russell Stannard

Award-Winning Educational Technologist



Here is a list of the articles that Russell has written in the British Newspapers and are also accessible on the internet.

Times Higher 2006 Feedback

Time Higher 2006 Russell writes about using screen capture software for feedback

Times Higher December 2006

Guardian 2007 on screen capture

The Guardian covers Russell’s work on screen capture and how it has changed the organisation of his classes.

Guardian 2007

Independent 2009 on screen capture and flipping the classroom

Russell’s work on screen capture and his idea of using it to flip the classroom and for feedback is mentioned.

Independent 2009

Times Higher 2009 on social media

Russell writes about using social media to build contacts and promote content

Times Higher 2009

Times Higher 2009 writing about Twitter

Back in the Times Higher again, this time writing about the power of Twitter

Times Higher 2009 on Twitter

Guardian 2010 on social networking

Russell writes about the use of Twitter to build his social network and contacts

Guardian 2010

Guardian 2012 on feedback

Russell’s work on feedback is again covered with ideas around using  JING and other tools.

Guardian 2012 on feedback

Guardian 2012 on using audio for developing student’s speaking skills

Russell writes about tools that can develop student’s speaking skills.

Tools to developing speaking skills

Russell gives talk in Cordoba

Cordoba Education