Russell Stannard

Award-Winning Educational Technologist

Quick History

Quick History

A quick history-Russell Stannard

Queens Russell delivering a plenary at Queen’s University Dublin

Russell Stannard is the founder of and the winner of 3  educational awards. He was previously a Principal Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick and the University of Westminster.

Delivering a keynote at JISC RSC Scotland Delivering a keynote at JISC RSC Scotland

He is now an international speaker and teacher trainer and is especially known for his  ideas around feedback and his work with the Flipped Classroom.

Feedback idea generates huge interest

The feedback article that started it all

In 2006 Russell Stannard wrote an article where he suggested that screen capture technology could be used to provide feedback to students. The idea generated huge interest and Russell went on to win the ‘Excellence in Teaching and Learning’ award from the University of Westminster

Wins Times Higher Award  

THE Awards, Grosvenor House, 23rd October 2008Commissioned by Alex Morgan Winning the Times Higher  Award

In 2007 Russell Stannard won the Times Higher/ JISC Educational Award for Outstanding Innovation for his website and his work on feedback using screen capture technology

Russell wins British Council Technology Award

Picking up the British Council ELTons award

In 2010, Russell picked up his 3rd award this time from the British Council. By 2010 his website was receiving more than 300.000 visits a year.

Feedback idea continues to grow

Interviewed by the press in 2015

In 2015, Russell presented in his 27th country. The feedback idea continues to grow, research is taking place in many places around the world including the UK, Italy, the USA, China, Japan, Canada and Norway.